♪ Concert des Amants ♫ Maudits ♬ || Ruri & Kyouhei


Kyouhei’s breath got caught in his throat as he saw Ruri come out of the changing room in her casual attire… A look he recognized her in more than her pop star attire. He couldn’t help but think about how cute she was and his heart beat quickened as she sat with him on the small couch, albeit all the way on the other end, as far from him as she could be. He was able to calm down as she spoke though, distracting him from his silly thoughts as she talked seriously. She was clearly nervous but Kyouhei listened silently, appearing a bit stoic as she poured out explanations and apologies. He watched her as she spoke and couldn’t help but eye the hat she wore, the security blanket she tugged on to hide her face out of habit. A trait of hers he found rather adorable. The hat was familiar.

When she fell silent for a few moments, Kyouhei sighed and stood up, walking over to where she sat and knelt down so that they were eye to eye. Gently he grabbed the edge of her hat, pulled it down over her eyes and smiled as he confirmed that he recognized the accessory. The hat was the gift he’d bought her to replace the lost one at the amusement park. Not only did she still have it, but she even continued to wear it. There were even signs that the item had seen a fair amount of use despite having been brand new only a month ago. “You worry too much” He said rather casually.


As Ruri pulled the hat back up so that she could see again, she was met with the boys typical smile. One that reconfirmed what he had said earlier… he was still here…. everything was still okay. He stood and flopped back down onto the couch but this time sat much closer to her, keeping a minimal distance, as his arms stretched out and rested on the back of the couch, his head falling back to look at the ceiling. “Technically you never lied to me. After all I never asked about your ‘work’ and what kept you busy” He tried to console her, since he himself felt she had no need to feel guilty.

"It was obvious you never really wanted to talk too much about your work despite that it came up in our conversations now and then, but I figured you would tell me when you were ready, so I didn’t ask." He continued to speak as though it were’nt really a big deal. Honestly, the fact that she’d been keeping this a secret wasn’t all that shocking. The secret itself was a shock, but it was obvious why someone would try to hide it, and like he said, it had been rather apparent that she’d not wanted to talk about her work too much, so he’d been expecting some sort of secret.


In fact, the more he thought about it like this, the more it rolled off his back. He honestly couldn’t say he was hurt or bothered. “I admit, I had some silly thoughts about you maybe doing something dangerous or shady, so I worried now and then but it was clear you loved doing whatever it was you did, so I was happy for you. To think you were a spectacularly famous idol though…. haha I never would have guessed that.” He laughed as looked over to her, trying to get a read on her emotions (too bad he wasn’t very good at reading others.)

"And I meant what I said earlier. I was happy to find out you were Rukko, though I’m sorry it had to be in a way that you weren’t expecting. I didn’t mean to upset you or anything, but I got to learn more about you which made happy. Again I’m really sorry." He looked away now with embarrassment and some shame "I didn’t mean to make you cry… I’m really sorry if I hurt you. I hope you know it was never intentional….." he let a small sigh escape his lips as his eyes wondered. "You know, I understand if you have secrets. Truth be told, we haven’t known each other for very long so it’s not like I’m entitled to know your secrets. but….. you can always tell me anything… I know that may be presumptuous of me, but I AM here for you, and I’ll support you how I can." His face again turned a bit stoic so that he could hide his nervousness.


His words were getting away from him and the things he had to say were getting increasingly embarrassing but he couldn’t really stop himself. Since everything he’d had to say dealt with honesty, there was no point to it if he himself wasn’t being honest right now. “So….. Are you okay now?”

As he asked his thoughts wondered for a few moments. He couldn’t help but think about how much he had come to love this girl. Should he be SO honest as to share his feelings with this girl? He’d already pushed their relationship once today, did he really want to risk pushing her away completely right now. No… he couldn’t… He’d wait and be her friend as he promised himself he would be, and if the time was ever right, then he’d share that with her… but right now, he just wanted to make her smile again as he hid the romantic feelings within himself along with the sadness at not being able to share those feelings with her…


Everything hurt so much. All of the lies and pain that she had been holding back at the forefront of her career began to topple over and allowed the brunette to finally gaze into her world. To see the real Ruri, and not the idol that she was forced into. Of course, it surprised her when the brunette walked over and tugged her hat down further. Was it to tease her? Or maybe was he just trying to show her that he understood her security blanket? After all; the particular hat that she wore was the same one that he bought her several months ago at the amusement park date they shared.

Of course, when she finally pulled her hat up to look at him, she was surprised to meet that same, cheerful smiling face that he always gave to her. It was the same smile she always got, it was so genuine and pure. And not very many people were like that (besides herself). Her nerves kicked back in though when he finally sat back down, his arm outstretched around her back and onto the base of the couch.

 “I admit, I had some silly thoughts about you maybe doing something dangerous or shady, so I worried now and then but it was clear you loved doing whatever it was you did, so I was happy for you. To think you were a spectacularly famous idol though…. haha I never would have guessed that.”

"S-Shady..?" The girl asked, seeming confused as to what Kyouhei could really mean by that. (Of course she is the cutest little thing and really knows nothing about the real world oops) With Kyouhei clearing the misunderstanding, she smiled. "Y-Yes… I really do enjoy singing a lot..! Even though… I-I get super nervous if someone knows who I really am….It’s my… only way out of the paparazzi. But my family is what keeps me tied. They’re all big and popular actors or directors, and even song writers. Rukko was only made as a… substitute for myself." She said quietly, tightening her grip on the end of her dress. The subject was touchy, you could see it in her eyes.

But when Kyouhei mentioned he would be there for her, and would support her like her family didn’t, it made her all happy inside. Of course, she had supporters, but not in the same way as Kyouhei was. She could trust him, even though they barely knew each other for over the span of time. There was just.. something right with this one.

"Thank you…Kyouhei." Ruri replied, giving him a happy and bright smile. Ruri moved herself so that her once closed figure was open, and she moved closer to Kyouhei. Her small, delicate and frail arms wrapped around his body, and pulled herself in to give him a soft squeeze.

“It.. r-really makes me happy to hear this…” She said, closing her eyes and staying there for a few moments before they shot right back open and she pulled away.

"I-I-I’m so sorry…! I’m a-a-all emotional a-and….!" She freaked, pulling down on her hat once more. "P-P-Please forgive what I just did! You can be m-mad at me…! I’m sorry Kyouhei!"

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♪ Concert des Amants ♫ Maudits ♬ || Ruri & Kyouhei


As she clenched his jacket and cried into his chest, he felt a mix of pain and relief. He didn’t want her to hurt this much, or cry her heart out, especially not because of him, but it was also clear now that she had no desire to distance herself from him and end their friendship. His heart felt heavy as she pulled away, but he nodded in response to excusing herself while the knot in his stomach loosened gradually… he understood everything just a little better. Moments ago she had asked him not to leave… to stay, and that fact gave him some comfort.

As she left to clear herself up, he leaned back against the door and practically collapsed onto the floor. His hands shook and he heaved large breaths that released his tension. He’d been holding everything in for too long now; the emotions, his personal feelings, his thoughts and confusions… and he was glad she couldn’t see him in this state for the moment. It was like a large release after bottling everything. He’d never experienced a whiplash like this from steeling his nerves and wearing the calm and collected mask, but then he’d also never been through this much emotional exhaustion.

He was going to have to learn to be a bit more honest with the girl in regards to showing her how he felt if he was going to survive this friendship, but for now, he managed to pick himself back up off the ground and reclaim dominion over his own body, stopping his trembling and erasing any facial expressions of weariness. He moved over to where the food was and downed his bottle of water as memories from mere moments ago replayed in his head.

She had been close… She had clung to him. He did his best not to let his heart feel small leaps of joy but couldn’t entirely help himself. After all, he was still unaware of her feelings and until he could be sure of what she wanted from him in terms of relationship— He cut his thoughts off. He was already thinking to much again and doing that would probably cause two steps backwards. For now he simply recalled all the little details of the pinkette’s form that were currently ingrained in his memory while he waited for her, also thinking about what he should do now. All he wanted was to see her smile again but wasn’t sure where to go from here.

Ultimately he decided he’d said and done enough and that it was time to just listen and see what she had to say. Thinking about her personality and what he knew of her, she was probably embarrassed to have had her secret learned and also worried about what Kyouhei himself was thinking, having had such a big secret hidden from him. Given the chance, he’d have to reassure that everything was okay… at least, everything was okay for him. The only thing he was upset with was himself for having made her cry…

After releasing from Kyouhei’s grasp, the young female hung her head for a few moments longer. She wanted to collect her thoughts and feelings, Excusing herself, she wandered off into her private bathroom and shut the door behind her. 

Ruri let her back slide on the back of the door, her heart was threatening to burst of her chest. Her emotions raged on inside of her like the fires of hell. She wanted to tell him everything. Why she kept her secret from the one real friend that she ever made, and that in the meanwhile she developed a puppy love for him. Of course, she had been tricked before by others, but this time was different.

But yet, was she really ready to let him know everything?

Picking herself up, Ruri went to change into her normal attire, her simple dress with the blue turtleneck under her white dress. Taking her hair extensions out, left the girl with her short hair. And after a few minutes to taking off the make-up, she was back to her old self. The Ruri that nobody knew or really even cared about. (Except Tetsu and Kyouhei)

She stepped out, looking around to see if the brunette was still waiting around for her or if he finally decided to leave. Her eyes grabbed a hold of his figure, which was sitting on the couch and waiting patiently for her arrival once more. Moving over, she took a seat next to him. She fiddled with the ends of her dress, obviously nervous to speak her mind.

"K-Kyouhei.. I’m really sorry about this.. about everything. I just don’t know anyone who I-I can trust… or even who to trust. In the life of show business.. its everyone for themselves.. And I didn’t want anyone to ruin this big break for me.. I was never able to do anything right, except singing. Besides my father.. who got me i-into show business… the only other person who knew my true identity was my manager."

Her voice chocked, obviously it took a lot out of her to talk like how she was. Ruri wanted to tell him the truth, and not hide behind anymore lies or any walls. “I was always busy because of shows.. r-rehearsals.. or anything else to do with this life… And I am sorry that I lied to you for so long… I-It really did hurt me to lie to you like I did…." She hid herself under her hat once more, her body beginning to tremble once more as she forced tears back. 

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♪ Concert des Amants ♫ Maudits ♬ || Ruri & Kyouhei


He froze, the knot in his stomach tightening to a nearly unbearable extent. Was… was she crying? Poor Kyouhei had absolutely no understanding of a girl’s heart. What did she want? what could he do for her? How was he supposed to make this better? He thought leaving would have been best but it just seemed to make the situation get worse again. He swallowed as his hand fell from the door handle and he released the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.

Turning to face the girl he found the top of her head to meet him as she gazed at the floor, tears no doubt falling from her eyes to match the small sobs of her body. The sight alone was enough to make him feel an inch tall. His heart could have exploded right there and the knot in his stomach was now making him nauseous (and forcing down the sandwich earlier hadn’t helped either). Well things couldn’t get much worse than this right? might as well take a different approach…

Kyouhei reached forward to one of her trembling hands which she clutched against her chest and let his own hand gently envelop hers. He could feel her little shakes and jitters that she attempted to hide or quiet with no success. Had he not been so gifted at hiding his feelings, he’d probably have been shaking too. He pulled her close with the hand he held, bringing her forehead to rest against his chest so she wouldn’t have to look at him while letting his free arm embrace her, wrapping around her shoulders in a protective manner that fulfilled the impulse he’d often had just by looking at her.

"I’m not going anywhere… I promise" His voice was low but resonant, it carried a sincerity he couldn’t otherwise convey. "You know me well enough by now, I’m here for you as long as you want me to be, so you can say whatever you have to without worrying about what’ll happen… I’ll still be here." As he spoke to reassure her, the arm which was wrapped around her adjusted, and he began to stroke the back of her head and hair in a comforting manner.

Perhaps this was getting too close to her. He was still pretty sure she just wanted a good friend and it was possible he was crossing a line right now, trying to create an intimacy she didn’t want… but he didn’t think about that. Instead he stopped thinking, as it was all he’d been doing and it hadn’t helped, and began to follow raw intuition: doing what felt right instead of what he thought was right. Even on this emotional roller coaster, feeling physically and mentally exhausted, the girl had the strange ability to intoxicate him. His vision tunneled and he saw only her, the frills of her pink hair still bouncy, the pale skin of her bare shoulders. He became hyper aware of the perfume she wore as well as the feel of her soft hand still in his, trembling. It had been only a moment, a couple measly seconds since he’d pulled her in and began to hold her but each second had felt like forever.

He stood quietly so that she could say what she wanted and needed to, continuing to hold her in this gentle and soothing manner though somewhat anticipating her to pull away from him any second now…

Ruri thought her heart was almost literally ripping right in half, and her body language expressed it. She was being torn, and nothing was going to be held back anymore. If she wanted to keep herself sane, she had to shed something from being buried so deep inside her heart.

She wasn’t expecting Kyouhei to grab her hand and pull her in for the close embrace as he did. If anything, she expected him to just worry and question. But this closeness is what made her like this in the first place. Ruri still gave out small tears, sniffling against his chest. Her small, frail hand grasped against his jacket, before she let all her tears out. 

"I’m not going anywhere… I promise. You know me well enough by now, I’m here for you as long as you want me to be, so you can say whatever you have to without worrying about what’ll happen… I’ll still be here."

Those words.. so simple to anyone. Yet the held so much meaning for her. ”T-Thank you…” She mumbled, almost barely audible between her sobbing. It took a while, but the young idol finally calmed down, with her make up slightly running down her face. Ruri held her head down, not wanting Kyouhei to see as she pulled away. "P-Please… excuse me for a few moments…I want to go wash up."

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♪ Concert des Amants ♫ Maudits ♬ || Ruri & Kyouhei


He once again leaned against the counter in the idol’s dressing room as she left. He wanted nothing more than to go and chase after her but he could tell she was frantically trying to get away and giving chase would only back her into a corner, possibly making her more confused or even upset, so he gave her her space for the time being. The question he now pondered though was weather or not he’d been to obvious… She probably realized that he had figured out the big secret.


Kyouhei crossed his arms as he thought about the whole situation. His own feelings for Ruri were constantly becoming more clear to himself but he still hadn’t figured her out well enough yet. He again wondered if she felt anything for him or if he was just filling the role of a friend. Her life couldn’t be easy being a pop star and so he doubted she had much of a social life, if any at all, outside of what her work required. So it wasn’t hard to think she might not have any romantic feelings for him and only treated him special because he was her only friend.

The boy sighed for a moment. It was funny how a moment ago he was entertaining fantasies of the girl sharing only her private and true self with him and now his thoughts were at the other end of an extreme. He realized how selfish he was being as he had only been caring about his own feelings up to this point and living in his fantasy world. He pushed his own depression aside and tried to think of just the pinkette. He knew if he truly cared for her, he could set his feelings aside and give her what (he thought) she wanted:

If all the girl needed was a friend…. and nothing more… then he would be her cherished friend… and nothing more.

However his heart sank as he realized this heavy crush he’d been cultivating had blossomed into a full blown first love… and was probably unrequited.


Taking the time that Ruri was gone to completely collect himself and his emotions, he utilized his usual ability to wear a calm, collected demeanor (which usually masked nervousness) to hide anything that might let Ruri know what he was feeling the moment she returned. He bottled any sadness or distress, and masked his romantic desires behind a friendly persona. Thankfully the pink haired girl took awhile (as he expected she would) before finally returning, giving him time to compose himself.

When she entered the room the pop star still seemed nervous but had calmed down considerably since leaving earlier. She carried a couple of water bottles and some food; It looked like some sandwiches and fruit. Food which matched the diet Ruri had mentioned to him a few times, including on their amusement park da—- …. get together? hang out? what had it been? Kyouhei shrugged the thought from his mind. In truth he wasn’t very hungry despite the excitement and exhaustion from the concert earlier, however after the whirlwind of emotions, his appetite had faded and was replaced by a knot in his stomach, but he still picked up a sandwich and took a bite, to avoid alerting the girl of those emotions.


"Thanks. You didn’t need to do anything like this on my behalf… if anything, I should have been the one to go and get something for you after all your hard work." He smiled at her yet again before continuing to eat the sandwich in silence. There was a very clear and uncomfortable tension now and he didn’t know what to do. For what seemed like the first time in his life, Kyouhei felt completely helpless. He wanted to make things better, restore their friendship, un-learn this secret and go back to the way things were, but now it seemed like their friendship might not ever be the same. So, he decided there was only one thing he could do to help her right now… leave.

Kyouhei finished off the sandwich before pushing off the counter he leaned against to stand “You know, I think you’re really amazing… you’re not just talented… you also work hard to accomplish what you want.” he turned away from her and faced the door but didn’t walk away from her just yet. “and you’re sincere… you truly love what you do and you love your fans…” In a sudden impulse he decided he wanted only honesty between them in this moment “I was surprised to find out you were Rukko… but I was happy to. I got to learn more about you, though I have to admit I’m probably just more confused about who you are.” He gave a small laugh and decided he’d caused enough problems for her and began walking toward the door. As he reached it though he turned his head back and gave her another sincere and heartfelt smile while saying “Whoever you are though… I like you just because you’re you”


No… How could he figure everything out so fast..?!

Ruri was outside of the room, her hands covering her face as she slowly slid down onto the floor. She was trying to puzzle everything together, and what she did wrong. The whole reason for her drive to become Rukko was to push her usual nervous exterior past her and to move on and become a more outgoing persona. But of course, she fell into a spell where she could only be super outgoing when dressed as Rukko, and in the spotlight. 

All sorts of things ran through her mind, about what she should could. Or even, what she could do. Kyouhei had everything figured out, and because of that, there wasn’t much options left over. Was she just to let this slide, and continue being his friend as if he knew everything from the start? Or was she to never talk to him again, and pray that he would keep her secret safe? Sure, she knew the brunette for about three months now, but nothing was going to be assured. Maybe he would tell others about her secret to get back at her. But even though the young girl had all of these thoughts running through her mind, something inside of her kept telling her that he wouldn’t expose her secret. 

After moving her hands away from her face, the pinkette rose to her feet before slowly making her way down the hall to where the food room was located, and where she could find some snacks for them. Of course, she ended up taking longer than needed, since when she glanced down at the food she was reminded of their date. 


Piling on healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit, and two bottles of water in her arms, the young singer opened the door to the dressing room. And of course, there he was… still leaning against the counter just so when she left several minutes ago. “I… I brought us some snacks. I hope there isn’t anything that you might be allergic to.” 

Moving her way over to sit on the couch, Ruri took a swig of the water, letting the cool liquid seep down into her throat. It calmed her in a way, but yet her heart was racing still. 

"Thanks. You didn’t need to do anything like this on my behalf… if anything, I should have been the one to go and get something for you after all your hard work." 

"Please. Don’t worry about it. I actually still have a lot of energy from the concert. This is nothing. Believe me.. Kyouhei."

Ruri watched as the boy moved over from the counter and towards the door. And her eyes moved from one end of the room, to another. Her heart tore right in half. She knew that this wasn’t right, to allow him to just walk out of here like that. But yet, did she really have the right to do that? He was his own person, and Ruri wasn’t the type of girl to force people to do her bidding like other big name stars. 

“I was surprised to find out you were Rukko… but I was happy to. I got to learn more about you, though I have to admit I’m probably just more confused about who you are.”

Her cheeks flushed a soft pink, yet his words stung at her heart once more. And watching him turn and put his handle on the door made it worse. Ruri stood up, trying to stop him. The pinkette ran over, her face hidden as she felt hot tears finally rip from her cheeks. "Kyouhei wait..-"

There was a sudden knock at the door, before a familiar voice resounded through the blocked doorway. "Miss Rukko, is everything alright in there? You haven’t asked me to get you anything in a while."

"Ah…" The girl shuddered, trying to wipe her tears quickly and try to mask her voice. "Y-Yes Manager-san.. I am fine! Please don’t worry about me!" And as she said those words, her hands began to tremble, and her body followed suit. She hung her head once more as her tears began to shed once more. 

"Kyouhei… Will you.. j-j-just please stay…? Let me talk.. please.."

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♪ Concert des Amants ♫ Maudits ♬ || Ruri & Kyouhei


He nodded to her statement. “Of course Rukko-san, I’m a big fan like everyone else and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet you in person. I’m very grateful for you agreeing to speak with me.” He’d only told half the truth. Of course he wanted to meet Rukko, who he was sincerely a fan of, but he now had the added goal of finding out why she felt so familiar. He wouldn’t tell her that though, he certainly didn’t want to seem weird or creepy after all.

He didn’t want to seem rude either, so he didn’t extend his effort to see her face each time she hid it, but even this process of trying to see who she was felt familiar, as though she was embarrassed about something… an embarrassment he found oddly endearing. He’d only ever felt that way around….


It hit him like a freight train all at once. “I know you…” The words escaped his lips on an inaudible whisper, one she thankfully didn’t seem to hear, which he was quick to cover up by responding to her again. “It was fantastic! You were amazing!” he had to fight to keep all of his sudden emotion and confusion down, appropriately hiding his inner-turmoil with his calm and collected persona. Is it really Ruri? With every little glimpse he caught, he was more sure than before it was her, but what really sealed the deal was each time he listened to her voice. After all they’d originally met over a Xtransceiver without video capability and so he’d become intimately familiar with her voice.

Why would she hide it though? that’s a stupid question he thought to himself. There’s a hundred obvious reasons to hide something like this. It certainly explains why she’s so busy and works for long and odd hours. Should I tell her I know? He thought about it for a moment but decided against it. He knew her to be a shy girl (even if the rest of the world didn’t) and he didn’t want to embarrass her or make her uncomfortable. For now he would play along.

"You’re voice is amazing and getting to hear you in person is a real privilege. I also wanted to thank you for bringing me up on stage. I had so much fun. This concert has been a truly amazing experience!" He continued to compliment and thank her sincerely, but now that he knew what he did about her, he wanted to have a little fun. Perhaps he could get her to tell him herself, though it was unlikely. At the very least he’d be able to talk about some of his feelings with confidence, since she was supposed to be someone else right now. "I just wish I could have brought one of my friends. I just met her a month ago but she’s already someone very dear to me and I think she would have enjoyed coming. She’s very busy though so she doesn’t have time to go out and have a lot of fun but I’m glad she’s happy doing what she does. Of course that also means I don’t get to hear from her too often but I cherish what precious little time we do get… hahaha what am I saying? sorry, you probably don’t want to hear me talk about a girl you don’t even know"


He laughed it off but was doing his best to sneak a glance and catch a reaction from her as she hid behind a rack of clothes in the middle of the room.As he spoke he leaned casually against a counter, his mind still racing. This must be how he had gotten the VIP ticket in the first place. Thinking back about it, “winning” a random award like that was probably a little fishy. After all he hadn’t signed up for any contests or such. If she had been the one to send the ticket then it’s not like she was hiding her identity because she didn’t like him. WAS she hiding her identity? which side of her was the real her? maybe she was hiding her real self from the rest of the world and only he’d seen the real her. The idea pleased him, but he quickly caught himself and stopped letting his imagination go crazy.

He gave a coy grin as he moved from the counter over to the clothes rack and peaked around the side of it rather suddenly meeting her face to face for a moment “I hope I’m not bothering you. I certainly don’t want to over-stay my welcome” He smiled at her. It wasn’t his simple, friendly (and goofy) smile that he usually wore, it was the kind and warm one that was evoked by his deeper emotions, such as the mysterious way Ruri made him feel. The kind of smile that could be seen in his eyes, and he managed to give her this smile during the short moment they made eye-contact…


"I’m glad that you liked the concert!" She smiled, closing her eyes as she turned around to see him so that she wouldn’t be able to see who he was. Of course, when she turned back to go through her clothing, she scrambled to try and find a outfit that she could change into. 

"Do you need me to get you anything? Water? Something to eat?"


"I just wish I could have brought one of my friends. I just met her a month ago but she’s already someone very dear to me and I think she would have enjoyed coming. She’s very busy though so she doesn’t have time to go out and have a lot of fun but I’m glad she’s happy doing what she does. Of course that also means I don’t get to hear from her too often but I cherish what precious little time we do get… hahaha what am I saying? sorry, you probably don’t want to hear me talk about a girl you don’t even know"

Rukko froze for a few moments upon hearing this, and knew that in those few matter of seconds that he had it figured out. He knew that the shy, inverted girl that he met the first time at the amusement park was the same fun loving one that was standing before him. It hurt her, in many different ways. Of course, she thought about it a little more now, that she shouldn’t be hiding it. Kyouhei most likely preferred girls who acted like Rukko, and not the quiet ones like Ruri.

The pop idol turned her back to the boy, before going over to her mirror to sit down once more. Why had she never thought about it before? It was obviously the right answer, seeing as Kyouhei was always so energetic, happy-go-lucky, and kind. Most people often went for others who were a-like, and had lots of similar traits. But even so, Ruri couldn’t throw away her old life for a life of being someone who wasn’t true.. right?

After noticing that Kyouhei was worried about her change in behavior, she thought about saying that it was due to the concert and she was exausted. Yes, that could work. It was most likely the only thing that could work. "Forgive me ahead of time.. I’m a little exhausted from the concert. They usually drain me." The girl stood up, walking over to the exit. "Please excuse me for a little bit. I’ll go grab us some waters and food." And without even turning back to look at him, the idol left the room and ran down the hall to get some fresh air. This was going to be dangerous concert if she didn’t play her cards right. 

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